Powder material transport vehicle air compressor maintenance and repair

The powder material transporter adopts an oil-free swing-type air compressor. In order to enable the normal operation of the air compressor, prolong its service life, and reduce the occurrence of failure, it should be regularly maintained and maintained.

1, check whether the lack of oil: Check the crankcase for lack of oil, such as lack of oil should be added to the upper limit of the oil standard.

2. Lubricant oil requirements: Use 40# diesel engine oil above 10°C, 30# diesel engine oil between 0°C and 10°C, and use 20W/30 diesel engine oil below 0°C; prohibit the mixing of different brands of lubricants, otherwise the lubricant will deteriorate Will affect the lubrication effect.

3, to replace the oil on schedule: After the new machine is used for half a month, the oil in the crankcase is drained, the crankcase is cleaned with the oil, the oil filter net is cleaned, the oil pump and the oil pipe are overhauled, and then the new oil is added. The oil level should be in the center of the oil standard. The capacity of the oil in the box is 3 to 5 liters. Change the oil once every six months.

4. Oil filter net cleaning: To inspect and clean the oil filter net, check and clean it once every quarter under normal conditions. If the machine usage rate is high, it should be checked and cleaned once a month.

5. Filter core cleaning: Clean the filter element for every 24 hours of accumulated work. Use a compressed air with pressure of 0.5-0.7 MPa to clean the filter element from the inside out. After servicing five times, replace the new filter element. Never clean the filter element with oil or water.

6, not to start or stop the air compressor fast: Do not quickly start or stop the machine, but should slowly increase or deceleration, or impact will damage the air compressor.

7. Regular preparation and inspection: Check whether the screws of each part are loose or not, and whether the operating conditions of the lubricant supply, rotation speed, pressure, sound, vibration, and the temperature of each part are normal.

8. Maintain good heat dissipation: Clean the dust on the body frequently and maintain good heat dissipation conditions to prevent the exhaust temperature from rising.

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