Dongfeng Motor: Makes the National Four Good Light Trucks to Declaring War on Haze

2015 was the first year of the National Fourth National Standard to be fully implemented. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has successively carried out activities in the 100 cities across the country to launch the “Four Nationality Good Light Trucks and 100 Cities Together” campaign and declared war on the haze.

At present, the haze problem has become a symbolic problem in some cities in China, which has plagued the daily production and life of the people. The influence of haze has really made life in the polluted urban people miserable. However, the scope is terrible. Still expanding. Dongfeng Light Trucks is a key enterprise in the domestic light truck industry and a highly socially responsible central enterprise. In the face of future environmental needs, it attaches great importance to fulfilling its social responsibilities and is under the background of global hot topics such as “low carbon”, “environmental protection” and “energy conservation and emission reduction”. , Actively seek to explore corporate emission reduction path. In the normative development of the industry, especially in the industrial upgrading of emission standards, it has been the first to set standards, always insisting on technological innovation, accelerating the adjustment of product structure and promoting the upgrading of industrial technology, followed by the country’s response and social needs to carry out green upgrades to the haze. Declaring war. On the one hand, it not only adopted more than 11 measures and 7 projects in its own production plants to reduce emissions, but also reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions through upgrading its technological level and energy efficiency management. On the other hand, it responded The company attaches importance to technological innovation in products, focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection, conducts effective research and development of independent product technologies, and strengthens product upgrades.


The official implementation of the State IV emission standard means that the commercial vehicle industry has entered a new stage of industrial upgrading. Under the background of the National IV policy, the product technology reserve is extremely important. In the face of a new round of emission standards upgrades, Dongfeng Light Vehicles actively responded to the national policy call and supported national automotive technology and industrial upgrades. With years of technology accumulation, it has taken the lead in perfect product upgrades, and from design, R&D, testing, manufacturing, sales, and service And other aspects to ensure the quality of the country's four products, to create a four-car legend.

The fourth technology in the commercial vehicle market is the core of the competition. Dongfeng light truck products began to be upgraded as early as several years ago. In early November 2008, Dongfeng Light Engine Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DFAC) and Nissan, and the world-leading Nissan ZD30 light-duty engine was introduced as the world's best quality engine. Built and mass-produced in 2009, the start is Euro IV emissions, which can be easily upgraded to National VI. Today, the same model has been upgraded to the Euro VI standard in Europe. On this basis, through the integration of resources and technology optimization, Nissan's standard quality system has been adopted, and the 2.8-liter D28 light-duty diesel engine has been independently developed. It also satisfies the four national standards and has the conditions for upgrading the country. At the same time, as a subsidiary of DFAC, Dongfeng Cummins, which is known as “world-class power,” has basically covered the power sector of the Chinese card, from the ISB3.9 and ISD4.5 models that meet emission requirements and continue to upgrade. Strong brand Dongfeng Cummins IS4B, IS6B, ISD series four diesel engine products have been equipped with Dongfeng light vehicle products. Not only that, Dongfeng Light Trucks fully meets the differentiated needs of users in different market segments, continues to integrate high-quality social resources, and combines strengths with industry-renowned engine and post-processing system vendors to continuously enrich the National IV power product line. To enhance the core power competitiveness, truly forging into a truly good national car.

At the end of 2014, after undergoing a series of adequate and solid preparations for the National IV, Dongfeng Light Trucks will launch N-series and D-series models based on the National IV emission standards (that is, derived from NISSAN, classic power, allegoristic new brand, positioning the high-end logistics market in the city New Dongfeng Capt. N Series models; and 40 new light truck products, including Dongfeng, new power, DRIVE-driven, location-based urban and inter-city, and new Dongfeng Dolika D-series models for urban and rural high-end logistics. The domestic industry is one of the four most comprehensive automotive companies in China.

In the face of the new round of emission standards upgrades and the hazy haze conditions in current cities, as a car company with a sense of social responsibility, Dongfeng Light Trucks has always insisted on the adoption of product technology innovation and upgrading to effectively relieve the pressure on the urban environment and actively guide the green consumption of the light truck market. To promote the healthy development of the entire automotive industry as its mission, to take practical actions to fulfill the responsibility and obligations of a state-owned car company for the healthy development of society.

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