Hebei Iron and Steel Group's large angle steel products fill domestic gaps

On March 2, the newly developed 214 tons of low-alloy high-strength Q460C large-angle steel loading truck developed by Hebei Iron & Steel Group Tangshan Iron and Steel Company was sent to customers. The smooth development of this type of steel has filled the gaps in the domestic large-size angle steel and will become a new growth point for the company's quality and efficiency.
Q460C belongs to low-alloy high-strength steel, mainly used for construction of iron towers, tons of steel can achieve up to 1,000 yuan, with a broad market prospects. Tangshan Steel strictly aimed at the user's requirements in terms of product performance and surface quality, and did a good job of technical preparation before the development and production. In the production process, S, P content is strictly controlled, and the smelting operation is strengthened to improve the control accuracy of the end-point composition and the casting steel temperature; the heating process is specially formulated, the opening and rolling temperature and the pass rolling temperature are strictly controlled, and the one-time rolling is realized. System success.
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