· Shandong motor vehicle cloud test report will gradually phase out heavy polluting vehicles

The motor vehicle limit in the past few days brought blue sky and white clouds to six cities including Jinan. In order to improve the air quality, scientifically and effectively reduce the haze. From the 14th of last month, Jinan, Laiwu, Zibo, Taian Four cities tried out the vehicle exhaust gas cloud detection technology to accurately classify the vehicle's sewage discharge. After a month of testing, the "Shandong Province Motor Vehicle Cloud Detection Implementation Report" was officially announced.
According to the Shandong News Network's "Shandong News" report, the report pointed out that the total amount of green vehicles with a sewage discharge of less than 2 grams per kilometer accounted for 57.20%, and the total discharge of pollutants only accounted for 6.43%; while the discharge capacity was greater than 10 grams per kilometer. The car accounted for 15.93%, and the total amount of sewage discharged accounted for 68.95%.
Xie Feng, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province, told the reporter: "We have seen that vehicles with a discharge of more than 10 grams account for only 10%, but it accounts for 68% of the emissions, which is Say that if we eliminate more than a dozen vehicles, we will solve 68% of the pollution."
The vehicle emission cloud detection management platform can accurately detect the pollutants generated every minute in the working state, intelligently count the amount of vehicle emissions, and realize the purpose of hierarchical management of vehicle sewage. Ultimately, the over-standard and high-pollution vehicles will adopt Measures to limit or eliminate.
Xie Feng, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province, also said: "The basis for elimination is to classify highly polluting vehicles. We will eliminate them first, and gradually improve the environmental quality. It will not cause a greater burden on society. The significance is very big."

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