Yanzikou Bridge was awarded the title

Yanzikou Bridge was awarded the title During the “Safety Site Construction” and “Cultivation Site Construction” activities of the Lianyungang Highway Water Transportation Project in 2012 and the “Civilization Site Construction” campaign, the Linhai High Grade Highway Yanzikou Bridge and the Xinyi River Bridge Project actively carried out various construction activities. Lianyungang City won the title of "Safety Site" demonstration site for the highway water transportation project and "Civilized Construction Site" demonstration project for the construction of traffic engineering in Lianyungang City.

The Lianyungang City Construction and Construction Department, as a project construction agency, has been closely involved in the work of safety supervision and construction of the “safety construction site” and “civilized construction site” since the construction of the project, strictly performing safety supervision duties, and supervising the implementation of the main responsibility of safety production. , In-depth investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, vigorously promote science and technology, carefully cultivate safety culture, establish and improve long-term mechanisms, and constantly enhance the intrinsic safety, and fully safeguard the safety and security of the construction projects under its jurisdiction. In the next step, the office will continue to build a “safety site” in depth and focus on strengthening internal and external safety management so that the safety concept will be deeply rooted in the people’s minds and efforts will be made to push the project safety supervision work to a new level.

Insulating Glass Sealing Robot2025

Application of Vertical Insulating Glass Sealing Robot LJTJ2540

l Min & Max glass sizes can be optional

l Adopt 8 servo motors

l Adopt Japan ANCHUAN servo control system with stable performance

l Automatically measure glass size, glue depth and glue speed with linear adjustment

l Adopt timing belt to keep smooth convey with accurate position

l Spares are produced with high standardization and high precision, ensure the machine can be used with long-term working

l The glass corners are full without air bubbles, smooth surface, no need to

l Full automatic and high-efficiency machine

l New scraper design, especially for making train IG with very even sides and corners, without any bubbles.

l Automatically repair glass corners with beautiful surface

l Smooth convey without scratch and pollution

l Single-function parts are equipped with manual functions, easy adjustment

l Shaped IG units (Optional)

l Stepped IG units with four sides (Optional)

l Double and Triple IG units

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