Renovation of the Alkaline Plant Completely Breaks Through Four Design Challenges

Drying equipment

China Drying Network Co., Ltd. retired from the old days, at the 2012 Chemical Industry Engineering Survey Design Awards Review Conference (Hangzhou) held by the China Petroleum and Chemicals Investigation and Design Association, Dalian Dahua Engineering Design Co., Ltd. “Dahua Group Relocation Project The 600,000-ton/year Alkaline Unit" project won the first prize for outstanding engineering design in the chemical industry in 2012. Ren Mingqiu, general manager of Dahua Engineering Design Co., confidently told reporters, “Our engineering design level is at the leading level in China. For the first time in the project, we use advanced equipment that is popular internationally. According to Dahua Group, after the project is put into operation, Excellent performance in terms of product quality, energy consumption, etc.” The success of this project has provided valuable experience for the relocation projects of other companies in the industry.

Not only to relocate but also to upgrade

Although the Dahua Group's relocation and reconstruction project is an ex situ relocation, it is by no means a remake of the old company, but it will take into account the relocation and transformation. After the relocation of the enterprise, the ammonia-alkali plant was removed and the production capacity of the associated alkali plant was expanded to 600,000 tons/year. The main production facilities adopted a number of new processes, new technologies, new equipment and new materials, and the production equipment was evaluated after production. The degree of automation has been improved, the production capacity has reached and exceeded the design capability of the device, the product quality has reached the superior product above indicators, and the production technical indicators have reached the soda industry (alkali method) clean production technical indicators require a standard, material consumption, energy Consumption reached the leading domestic level.

The relocation and renovation completely solved the problem of ammonia and alkali production and slag discharge, and the environmental protection benefits were very significant. It is understood that before the relocation, the soda ash plant produced about 390,000 Nm3/h of waste gas, 3,725 kt/a of waste water and 115.2 kt/a of waste residue; after the relocation, the soda ash plant's exhaust emissions decreased by 6540 Nm3/h, achieving zero discharge of waste water, and only discharging waste residue. It is 10.1kt/a, a decrease of 91%. The overall energy consumption was reduced by 39%, and the project capacity was reduced from 2465 to 659.

Both technical progress and effective communication

The 600,000-ton/year alkaloid project must reach the international advanced level, and there are four major problems in the design: the quality of the soda process cannot be compared with ammonia-alkali. How to improve the quality of soda ash? How to further reduce energy consumption and improve competitiveness? How to deal with the contradiction between making full use of existing facilities to save investment and selecting efficient and large-scale equipment to ensure the advancement of technology? How to improve the automation level of the device and change the traditional operation management mode? According to Du Weigang, project leader and engineer of Dahua Engineering Design Co., Ltd., technological progress is the core of successful relocation and transformation.

First of all, the project has a high starting point for design process technology selection. Raw salt washing and brine refining processes are used to improve the quality of salt washing, and the use of horizontal vacuum belt filter to strengthen the heavy alkali filtration to solve the problem of the expansion of mother liquor and the quality of soda ash. At the same time, the refined ammonia removal process was adopted. The technical scheme is both mature and reliable and innovative, reflecting the requirements of large-scale equipment, economies of scale, energy-saving emission reduction and clean production.

Secondly, the project team used Texaco coal gasification technology instead of Texaco residue oil gasification technology to reduce the production cost of synthetic ammonia; the relocation and reconstruction of the new site was built near the salt field of Fuzhou Bay and shortened the length of rail transport by about 130 kilometers. Total can reduce the unit cost by 190 yuan.

Once again, based on the original soda process of Dalian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Da Lian Group Dalian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is based on the principle of safe, reliable, advanced, and rational design and construction. It has introduced and independently developed a number of advanced technologies. And equipment, improve the overall level of the device to ensure product quality and energy consumption indicators.

Finally, this design uses all the leading distributed control systems in China, and all the sections of the entire installation are included in the distributed control management. This has greatly improved the overall operation and management level of the entire plant.

It is necessary to learn advanced and pragmatic innovation

In the project implementation process, the project team always combines the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment and independent innovation based on practice.

On the one hand, the stones of other mountains can attack jade and learn from foreign advanced enterprises. Dalian Dahua Engineering Design Co., Ltd. organized a capable project team to visit soda ash companies such as Belgium and Italy and representative soda ash enterprises in China to conduct inspections and draw on all kinds of expertise. At the same time, it actively introduced or adopted international advanced technologies and equipment, such as the use of atmospheric pressure. Concentrated gas carbonization, rotary steam calcining, fluidized bed drying soda ash production process technology, external cooling cycle, and back-separation process technology and large-scale carbonation towers and other large-scale important equipment.

On the other hand, it is better to ask for help than to seek self-improvement. According to the actual conditions of the project, we must persist in independent innovation, occupy technological highlands, and solve practical problems. The soda-alkaline horizontal vacuum filter has been successfully applied to the production of soda ash after more than 2 years of development by the company. It effectively solves the problem that is difficult to solve in the drum vacuum filtration system. The water equivalency is low and can be reused. Low, heavy alkali salts are stable and controllable, and a number of indicators have significantly improved the drum vacuum filter performance. They have been identified by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation as an international advanced level. The first domestic saline-alkali joint project that was designed by the company for the first time using soda distillation residue residue to inject underground cavity technology has been successfully operated, which solved the bottleneck problem of the distillation production of soda ash, and was praised by the owners. A new situation of joint production of salt and alkali.

In addition, many new technologies, such as washing lime refining and automatic lime milk storage system and automatic lime milk system, efficient recovery of steam condensing systems with different tastes, and exhaust gas recovery for recycling fugitive emissions, are also used for the first time in the industry.

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