Changchai Group's Foundry Technical Transformation Project Successfully Completed

On November 28, 2012, the foundry technical transformation project of Changchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Changchaizi Subsidiary, located in Benniu Town, Wujin District, was successfully completed. At 10:28 am, the completion ceremony was held at Changfeng Company. The mayor of Wujin District was established. Leaders of the middle region, director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Changzhou, leaders of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jiang Huaping, Chairman of the Board of Directors Xue Guojun, General Manager He Jianguang, Party Secretary Lu Weimin and other leaders of the company and local township government leaders attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon for the ceremony.

At the completion ceremony, Wu Jianqu, the head of Wujin District, said that the foundry's casting technical transformation project is a strategic choice for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and win sustainable development. It is also a wise choice for enterprises to increase their effective investment, accelerate transformation and upgrade, and maintain their leading position in the industry. Lift. It is hoped that Changzhou Company will take project completion as a new starting point, seize opportunities, and take advantage of potentials to make the company bigger, stronger, and stronger, and to make new contributions to the economic and social development of the entire region. It is hoped that Benniu Town and the relevant departments of the district will continue to work together to provide care and support to the company as always, and to create the best external environment for the development of the company.

He Jianguang, general manager of the company, made an important speech at the completion ceremony and expressed Changchai Co., Ltd.'s warm congratulations on the completion and production of Changbai Company's technical transformation project, and expressed cordiality to the project design, construction unit, Changchun company's cadres and staff. Greetings expressed thanks to the community for their concern and love. He Jianguang stated in his speech that Changchai insisted on strengthening the core competitiveness of the enterprise and focused on supporting the implementation of major technical transformation projects such as Changying’s foundry technical transformation project. Changzhou’s foundry technical transformation project was completed and put into production, marking Changchai’s development. It has taken a new step in the establishment of an important internal-combustion engine component production and processing base. The completion of the project is a good starting point for regular cattle companies to improve their capabilities and accelerate their development. At the same time, He Jianguang also put forward several hopes and requests for Changzhou Company. He Jianguang hopes that Changzhou Company will improve its equipment, improve its effectiveness, and give full play to the role of technical reform projects. He said that although the project construction work is very smooth, it must pay attention to the results and regard the work done previously as the basis for the management of the later stage. It should be carefully maintained, scientifically managed, and perfected for the new project equipment that has been put into operation, and the advantages of the equipment should be well established. The operating system fully exploits the effectiveness of technological transformation investment, and the project will reach the production target as soon as possible after it is completed and put into operation. It is necessary to pay attention to the cultivation of talents and the establishment of the system, strengthen the training of post-operations for existing employees, effectively enhance the production capacity of key parts and components of Changniu Company, strengthen process management, and improve the quality of products, so that the company's soft and hard power will both leap forward. New development platform. He Jianguang also hopes Changfeng Company will closely follow the development of Changchai and achieve leapfrog development. The completion and conversion of Changbai’s foundry technical transformation project has further enhanced the production and supply capability of Changbai’s engine key parts and components. Changzhou’s company needs to take this as a new starting point and plan early in 2013 under severe market conditions. Production and business plan, adhere to the business strategy of focusing on production, sales, and maintenance of corporate profits. It is necessary to meet the supporting needs of the company's parts, enhance the development and production capabilities of its own new and modified parts, and constantly expand Changbai’s new and modified parts in Changchai. The supporting quantity on the market, at the same time, must find ways to seek opportunities for more production and more sales, give full play to the advantages of equipment after technological transformation, and produce high-quality castings and processing parts supply markets to achieve new economic growth.

Since Changni Company's foundry technical transformation project started construction on June 3, 2011, a total of nearly 90 million yuan has been invested. After more than one year of planning, preparation, design, procurement, and commissioning, a series of project operations, regular cattle company The technical reform project progressed smoothly. It was completed on October 12 this year and trial production was carried out. The technological transformation includes the adaptation of the factory building, the upgrading of enterprise equipment, and the new construction of power expansion. A total of 1532 square meters of new plant construction area, the introduction of two Japanese winter long-term horizontal box modeling line and a series of related equipment, a new process of advanced shell-type casting line, the new 110KV total drop and sub-variable.

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