Commercial vehicle supporting strange things quality detection absence who passed

A domestic component company that produces brakes for commercial vehicles has suffered from incompetence, and what is exposed behind this sentiment is a strange phenomenon that exists throughout the industry.

A component company suffers from inconsistency

This commercial vehicle brake manufacturer is well-known in the industry, not only for domestic mainstream commercial vehicle companies, but also for exporting some products overseas. Some time ago, the company encountered some troubles, and more than one vehicle was equipped with brakes produced by the company. In the course of the user's use, rear-end accidents occurred due to brake problems. In view of the potential safety hazards, the vehicle manufacturer began to investigate the responsibility for the accident. The result was that the quality of the brakes produced by the company had caused the brakes to be weak, which affected the brake effect of the vehicle. Many accidents occurred during the use of the vehicle.

"According to reason, our products have undergone quality inspection in all aspects of production and delivery, and are in compliance with relevant quality standards. Why is there such a problem?" The owner of the brake production company is very puzzled. As more than one car had the same problem, he dared not say more despite his doubts.

Since it was found to be a brake quality problem, the automaker suspended the purchase of the company's brakes, and then chose another foreign parts company that produced the brakes to support the company. Who knows, the vehicle equipped with brakes produced by foreign companies still suffers from brake weakness during use. In order to clarify the truth of the matter, the foreign company took its own brakes for testing. It was found that the problem of brake fatigue in the entire vehicle was not due to the quality of the brakes themselves, but to the adjustment of the axles.

The truth is finally revealed that the domestic commercial vehicle brake manufacturers that were supplied to the automaker have suffered a "nothing."

The lack of quality inspection of auto parts factory

Recalling the entire process of suffering losses and ignorance, the owner of the domestic commercial vehicle brake manufacturer reluctantly gave his opinion.

“Actually, our products have been supporting domestic commercial vehicle companies for many years and we found that there is such a strange phenomenon that few automakers or axle manufacturers have conducted quality inspections on our products. It is also rare for us to visit our factories on the spot. Less, basically, the company has come up with a piece of paperwork for a quality inspection certificate, and the automaker directly approves it,” said the boss.

In contrast, the overseas customers of this company are very strict about the quality inspection of their brakes, and they have to conduct comprehensive inspections several times before deciding to purchase, to understand the company's production environment, quality inspection, verification system, and technical R&D capabilities. . With such a comparison, the boss sighed: "It's no wonder why I had a sudden loss."

Looking back, if a complete vehicle factory has a complete inspection system for the quality of parts, at least when the vehicle is in trouble, it will not cause the parts and components companies to suffer. In other words, the products provided by auto parts manufacturers for parts suppliers should have quality requirements. In order to ensure the quality of products, OEMs and parts and components companies should each bear their responsibilities. Apart from parts and components companies, Apart from self-inspection, OEMs should also inspect components according to quality requirements. Through quality inspection, as far as possible eliminate the fitting of unqualified components to the vehicle, this is an obligation that OEMs and parts companies should fulfill. However, the reality is not the case. Some insiders told reporters that at present, some domestic commercial vehicle companies have almost no quality inspection on some parts and components. There are no inspection standards in the industry, and companies have not verified the system, which has led to the inability to control product quality.

During the interview, a person in charge of parts and components companies supporting air-conditioning systems for a number of domestic and foreign vehicle companies stated to reporters: “Individual brands in China have paid more attention to the quality of their parts and components and whether the price of parts and components is low, and some of them are cross-border. In addition to testing the quality of parts and components, the company also inspects all aspects of the production environment, management system, corporate culture, R&D capabilities, and quality testing of parts and components companies, and even these aspects have been approved to purchase their products. Such inspections are long-term and in-depth, because they believe that only if every detail of a company is achieved, the quality of the final product can be truly guaranteed."

Do not require and inaction create a vicious circle

There are no requirements for vehicle manufacturers, which leads to the inaction of parts and components companies. This is the status of some domestic commercial vehicle companies and parts and components companies in the testing of parts and components.

Some commercial vehicle manufacturers have no requirements for the quality of parts and components. Therefore, many manufacturers of spare parts for commercial vehicles in China have relaxed their quality control. In this way, a vicious circle has formed, which has directly led to the “laziness” of the domestic parts and components industry, leading to the local parts and components companies being distressed to varying degrees in terms of quality control, verification systems, research and development power, and production consistency. An industry source said that if this phenomenon is not curbed, it will seriously restrict the improvement of China's auto industry competitiveness.

“We have to admit that supporting parts and components for multinational auto companies has indeed played a catalytic role in the improvement of our company’s overall strength. A considerable part of local auto companies have virtually zero-scaled due to the unqualified quality of parts and components. The inertia of the parts companies is, to put it bluntly, this vicious cycle has directly constrained the competitiveness of local parts and components companies,” said a person in charge of a domestic parts and components company.

Perhaps, if such a problem arises, the board should not be used only by the vehicle manufacturer. However, it is undeniable that in the field of domestic commercial vehicles, some OEMs’ concept of “heavily priced and light quality inspection” has prompted the supporting parts and components companies to form a “heavy control over manufacturing costs and light product quality inspections”. Mentality.

After testing, verifying, and purchasing components that meet the standards, this is a normal process. However, some domestic commercial vehicle companies have omitted. The existence of strange phenomena is worth pondering.

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