What are the most common faults and solutions for diesel generators?

What are the most common faults and solutions for diesel generators?
Mechanical part:
a. Bearing failure: "How about maintenance and repair of diesel generator ? 》Troubleshoot and take corrective action.
b. High vibration: Check the alignment and installation of engine and generator. Possible causes are:
1 Coupling misaligned.
2 Poor installation of the common chassis.
3 Engine and generator torsional vibration calculation errors, resulting in resonance.
c. Excessive vibration from the generator with accompanying hum
1 The three-phase generator has a large load on one phase or a short circuit to ground, which exceeds the acceptable level of the generator. Unbalanced load leads to excessive generator vibration.
2 Generator stator short circuit.
d. Overheating of generator casing (over 80°C):
1 The design of the air inlet and outlet is irrational, or foreign matter obstructs the entry and exit of wind.
2 Incoming and outgoing air circulation is unreasonable and hot air flows back into the air inlet.
3 Generator overloaded.
Electrical parts
a. Diesel generator does not generate electricity:
1 Generator voltmeter loop or cable error
Action: Check the generator output voltage with a multimeter. If there is voltage, check the control panel wiring or replace the voltmeter.
2 Loose or disconnected internal wiring of the generator
Action: Check the AVR and PMG cables with a multimeter. Find the line fault point by the generator map.
3 AVR damage
Measures: When the unit is at a standstill, disconnect the exciter stator leads F1 and F2. Connect the positive terminal of the 12V battery to F1 and the negative terminal to F2. Start the generator set and measure the output voltage of the generator set. If the voltage is about 400V and the three phases are balanced, the main stator, main rotor, exciter stator and rotating rectifier components of the generator are operating normally. Stop, replace the AVR, restore the generator connection, and start the generator. The generator voltage should be normal.
4 Generator main rotor, exciter stator, rotor damage
In the stationary state of the unit, the exciter stator leads F1 and F2 are disconnected, and the positive electrode of the 12V battery is connected to F1 and the negative electrode is connected to F2. Start the generator set and measure the output voltage of the generator. If the voltage is lower than 360V and the three phases are balanced, the rotating rectifier, the main rotor, the stator of the exciter, and the rotor of the exciter are faulty. First, the rotation is eliminated through measurement. Rectifier (diode, varistor) failure, if the six rectifier diodes and varistors are normal, you need to measure the resistance of the main rotor winding, exciter stator, rotor, the resistance values ​​should be consistent
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