Classification of dressing shakers

Classification of dressing shakers The type of 6-S shaker is mainly distinguished by the combination of bed head, bed surface, support mechanism and slope control device. China's industrial 6-S shaker classification is listed in the table below.

Common type of shaker in China

By bed configuration Left-hand 6-S shaker (stand on the bedside to see the bed, the mine is on the left)
Right-style 6-S shaker (stand on the bedside to see the bed, the mine is on the right)
According to the treatment of ore particle size Coarse sand (2-0.5 mm) 6-S shaker
Fine sand (O.5-0.2 mm) 6-S shaker
Slime (--O.2 mm) 6-S shaker
Mount by bracket Fixed bracket shaker (without mounting bracket, casting cement and pre-embedded anchor bolts before installation, not easy to move, low cost.)
Small channel steel shaker (easy to install, just cast concrete and pre-embedded anchor bolts, the price is moderate, easy to move.)
Large channel steel shaker ( no need to cast cement and pre-embedded anchor bolts, quick and easy to install, easy to disassemble and move. Suitable for working in sand, virtual land and ship.)
Different according to the processing materials 6-S shaker for mineral processing
Selected from 6-S shaker for coal

The shaker surface is the sorted work surface. The Tongli shaker adopts a trapezoidal bed surface, which has the advantage of being easy to configure. Bed material for manufacturing structural wood, FRP (glass fiber reinforced polyester resin) and aluminum alloys (experimental shaker) and the like. The wooden structure bed is covered with rubber and nailed with wooden bed strips or bonded plastic rubber bed strips. The wooden bed surface has a long construction period and is easily deformed and damaged. In recent years, FRP beds have been promoted. The bed surface is a composite structure of a steel skeleton and a glass steel, and the working surface is coated with a wear-resistant layer of corundum resin. The bed can be directly molded on the bed surface, light weight (300--350 kg), low cost and short manufacturing period. Its expected service life can be more than 10 years. The aluminum alloy bed has a light weight, a flat surface, no deformation and a long service life, but the cost is high. China is only used on semi-industrial equipment or experimental shakers (width of mine end × width of discharge end × length = 1050 X 800 × 2100 mm). All beds are arranged with bed strips that run parallel to the drive direction. However, the middle section is also arranged in a slant shape to become a corrugated bed strip (see the single/double curved wave shaker technique for detailed explanation). Light minerals are easily removed in the slanted strip area, which helps to increase equipment handling capacity and increase metal recovery.

After use,stainless steel mesh element can be cleaned, please use a professional cleaning device. And note that the cleaning effect which is the left service life can not be calculated accurately 


The W/HC stainless steel wire mesh element is widely used in pressure and return line filters 


Filtration rating:

W/HC: 25, 50, 100, 200 µm



0030,0060, 0110, 0140, 0160, 0240, 0260, 0280, 0330, 0500, 0660, 0990, 1320.


Available pressure stability:

W/HC:20 bar



Hydraulic oil H to HLPD DIN 51524

Lubrication oil DIN 51517, API, ACEA, DIN 51515, ISO 6743

Compressor oil DIN 51506


Supplementary details

W=NBR seals, suitable for HFA and HFC emulsions

W/Hc Filter Element

Oil Mist Filter Element,W/Hc Filter Element,High Pressure Filter Element,Air Separator Filter Element

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