How does the fire drill work?

A fire drill is a drill that uses heat to break rock. The main mechanism of fire drill fire drill bit mounted on drill rod distal pressure gas and coal oil mixture combustion produces high-temperature flame sprayed onto the hole bottom, the heating hole bottom rock surface formation, due to thermal stress and strain rock thermal mineral to expansion of the formation to produce damage. The cooling water is sprayed from the pipeline to the bottom of the hole and gasified at a high temperature. On the one hand, the drill bit is cooled, and on the other hand, the rock bottom is removed. The fire drill is used for the wear-resistant, hard-hardened gangue rock or used to match other drills and mine pots, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the fire drill burner
W-water pipe; E-kerosene pipe; O-compress pipe; P-combustion pipe

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